It’s New Years!

It’s New Years day and it’s time to launch my blog!

I’ve been procrastinating on the launch itself for a while now, convinced that I don’t have the time to write regularly or maintain it, but what I’m discovering is that writing is becoming a wonderful focus of my life in a way it never has before.

I start grad school in a couple of weeks, my dream program in Old Testament Studies at Gordon-Conwell University, and my inner bubble of anticipation is about ready to burst.  I’ve just finished a almost 6 months of teaching Sunday school for our church, a project which I will be passing off to my husband this coming week so that I have more time to put into my writing, grad classes and the youth ministry team we’ve started!  And about which I can’t wait to share more.

I’ll be blogging some the lessons I’ve taught over the years as individuals and series as well as sharing about our lives in ministry, my beautiful children and what it means to me to be their mother.  We, my husband and I, are very open about our lives because we believe that Christians need to live their faith daily, reasonably and passionately and want others to be able to see the Truth in us, whether that Truth is encouragement from the Lord to persevere, conviction of a need to live differently, or simply an overwhelming sense of divine LOVE shown in the smiling faces of children and our beautiful Idaho evergreens.

My challenge on the church/school bulletin was “Welcome to 2015!  What are you going to DO this year?”

(Engage, DO it, Make it so, “buckle up Bones!”, Live long and prosper, second star to the right and straight on till morning…)picard(Image courtesy of


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