The Danger of Refusing to Learn

One of the biggest problems we have yet to face is the failing of our nation. I often hear, and have said myself a few times, “We have to return to founding principles!”, and want to agree! And then I think about the many things left unfinished by the founding fathers and mothers, the many problems yet to solve in their budding union. Our founders understood that while looking at the past gives us purpose and fortitude, it more importantly gives us lessons for growth so that we do not repeat past mistakes. These lessons also give us creativity and conviction to do better. When it came to forming the principles of liberty they didn’t try to copy European monarchies or the forms of churches which still held to the divine right of kings. No, they looked to God and scripture, and applied their conviction of His lessons about rulership and nations to a NEW and innovative government. It wasn’t perfect but they sought to grow, to learn and to make their new world a better place.

So when did we stop being innovative? When did we give up improving upon the our first ideas and expanding our designs? When did you stop believing that you could make an impact on the world?

Let’s not try to GO back to the way we were. We need to go forward. We need to seek to UNDERSTAND our history, to learn from it and in doing so put an end to foolishness and ignorance. Learning is a forward motion, an expansive progression from the inside of ourselves outward. Learning is discipline and we, if we hold our course, become it’s disciples. We who call ourselves disciples have the greatest responsibility of all.

The life of a disciple of Christ was never meant to be stagnant. Rather, it is a journey of transformation, led by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of becoming something new (Romans 12)! “Sing to the Lord a new song,” the palmist says. You don’t have to listen to the radio for long to figure out the lack of innovation in Christian music. Our nation is crying out for a new song, and we who should be teaching the world are failing to write it.

We are stagnant and dissassociated with reality. Youth groups are failing, schools are failing, children have no respect for parents and really, have we given them a reason to respect us? Have we been dedicated, consistent and nurturing of our child’s minds, bodies and hearts? Obesity is rampant! Children are leaving the faith and calling their parents hypocrites. Idaho has the WORST go-on rate in America which is SUCH a misnomer. The problem is not that our children are not CHOOSING to go on, they haven’t been educated enough to choose! It isn’t their fault, it is ours, and we arrogantly snub our noses at offers for teacher training, personal enrichment classes and continuing education as though it were the height of insult. We refuse to take the time and money to adequately educate ourselves in the journey of discipleship and then complain and ring our hands when we hear that a governor won’t give more money to education.

Someone is writing the music for our nation and IT ISN’T US. Where is our heritage? Where is our cultural inspiration for creativity and imagination!? Why aren’t we signing up ourselves and our spouses for any extra training we can get!? And those who do usually put biblical studies at the bottom of the list. “I go to Bible study.” One or two hours a week didn’t keep the kids following the Lord, why are we so much better?

We are refusing to learn and the consequences are self evident.

Some closing thoughts from the writer of Hebrews :

“Let us think of how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our assembling together, as some do, but encouraging one another. All the more so, as you see the day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24-25.


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