H.R. 5 The Student Success Act Worse than the Redcoats: Invasion of Home School

Wow this makes my blood boil.

I listened to a speech last semester by an upstart teacher-in-processing at the local community college who said TO MY FACE with no apologies, that I did not have the right or ability to teach my children. And you know what? Many parents in our nation DON’T know how to teach their own kids, and rather than LEARN, they are giving up their rights to being parents altogether.

Meanwhile the next generation of teachers are being taught to belittle us and sell us on ideal, no hassle education so that we’ll hand over our babies right off the bat! (I’m not exaggerating here, this is was my conversation with the ed students ).

This is where Common Core is going ya’ll and we need to put a stop to it!



I learned about H.R. 5 “The Student Success Act” on Saturday night and posted what I knew, but I’ve since learned more.  I only have time today to post about the most vital of these things:

This bill will mean, in some of the United States, that the government will be in your home, enforcing neutral (nonreligious) teachings.

Home schools are defined as private schools in many states (check here to see how your state defines it).  If your state defines home schools as private schools, then if H.R. 5 passes into law this week, you will have a government official assigned to monitor your home and enforce regulations.  The regulations (see page 79-86)  mandate “secular, neutral, nonideological” mentoring, computer technologies, and one-on-one counseling, etc.

On page 79, the Student Success Act declares as illegal: religious computer technologies, counseling, one-on-one mentoring or school equipment– in private schools, which in…

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