The government in marriage? It’s simple.


So, the federal government is bypassing state rights and individual rights in order to force the legality of gay marriage. Recent criticism of Alabama for resisting has prompted me to finally write some thoughts. So what’s my take? Well, tell me why exactly WHY do you need the governments permission to get married or everyone’s approval for that matter!?

I do ministry in a small community where some pastors quite willingly hold ceremonies for elderly couples to marry without a state license. They do this because the government cuts social security almost in half when two retired people get “legally” married. For someone in their sixties with few other options for assistance (which is, sadly, most of our elderly in this country) this presents a very real problem.  Consequently I completely agree, and support these pastors in officiating marriages without a state license because in this circumstance I believe that the state’s actions are unjust.  Because I live in a nation with religious freedom and individual rights and liberties, I have the power AND the ability to disagree with the government on this issue without fear for my life.

Regardless of my personal views on homosexuality the logic here is simple. Anyone who truly believes that they are right in their actions and justified in their beliefs does not need public approval, let alone approval under coercion.  My solution is simple, go get married! WITHOUT A STATE LICENSE.

Why the hubub?  Why publicly criticize and condemn people who disagree with you or don’t affirm you in the way you want?  In any other area of life this kind of behavior would be seen as, well, to put it bluntly, immature, selfish and mean.  A new law won’t stop bullying, it will create more.  It won’t encourage as many people as it will put at risk.  It won’t bring freedom, it will destroy it.

We are not “homophobic” and we are not ALL out to get you (I’m frankly ashamed at the behavior of some of the American’s who call themselves Christian’s, and how they have handled this, or NOT handled it).  If homosexuality is really this important to you, whether it’s your own life or your own desire to support others who have made this choice, you (or they) don’t need a state license to get married.  Not in the true sense in which marriage really matters.  Do you really think that government approval and a piece of paper make a marriage?!  Maybe that’s why so many marriages are ending, just get a new piece of paper, right?  WRONG.

The governmental principle here is simple and one we MUST understand: The reason we live in a free country with individual rights and liberties and the ability to vote in favor of or against a law without fear for our lives is because we THE PEOPLE retain those rights by limiting the powers of the government.  By voting in favor of federal government powers to force the approval/cooperation of other individuals with whom you abide in civil union, you are establishing a precedence for government coercion, aka tyranny.
Further, by asserting that the state should force the “legality” of marriage upon those who do not, on a religious basis, agree with it’s morality, you are foregoing your own religious freedoms, and the individual rights that enable you to live your preferred lifestyle in the first place. Once those rights are gone you can only reclaim them through revolution, as history clearly teaches us.  Governments don’t like to let go of power.

Take this out of the political arena and claim your freedom to live as you choose.  This is a classic “lead by example” scenario. As long as your lifestyle does not do harm to other people, exercise the rights and freedoms you DO have rather than take them away from others.

(As an aside, because this has been brought up. If you should find yourself in a situation where you will be physically threatened, exercise your 2nd amendment rights, and take a self-defense class). 


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