The Sanctity of Friendship

Why can’t friendship-love be as valuable and beautiful as romance/eros love?

We have gradually bought in to the subtle deception that friendship always leads to romance and that that progression is OK, no matter what. How then can we expect our children to have healthy, God honoring relationships with anyone, male or female, if we don’t teach them HOW?

Sadly, abstinence all too often places so much emphasis on sexuality that sex and purity are in a constant battle in the minds of youth, and eventually they lose. How about we ge rid of that battle altogether by defining friendship as a relationship that can acknowledge the mutual need for companionship without sex or sexual desire!? And then all that teasing and bullying about “oh they’re dating” or “oh look they’re gay”, will have no more power.

Consequently, preserving friendship in this way will undoubtedly cause a greater appreciation and respect for the relationship that is romantic and sexual, and then the ceremony and covenant of marriage itself will begin to have value again. We can’t expect one without the other.



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