Desert Mothers

I’m reading an amazing new book that is rocking my world with awesomeness.

Did you know that most of the amazing women who funded the work of the early church were also highly educated and ordained ministers of the gospel? They were deacons, later deaconnesses, with all of the duties, rights and responsibilities we read of in the NT.  They are not only written about as generous and faithful, but called women of deep understanding and wisdom, credited for huge revivals, moves of the gospel and the inspirational partners in ministry of some of the greatest male theologians and ministers of their time.

It wasn’t until almost the sixth century that the institutionalized church, swayed by politics and social stigma, finally crushed the service of women as deacons. But even with the restrictions and criticism the women still continued to serve as much as they were able, or they would move to the desert and live an ascetic monastic life away from people and governments, to be sought out by any who needed them and to give themselves wholly to Christ.

Why aren’t Christian women and girls today taught THIS history? Are the men in the church scared that their women will be more passionate and committed than they are? What is it about the spirit of a dedicated Christian woman that Satan fought so hard to restrict so early on in the movement of the Church? What is it that he is still fighting so hard to suppress?

I think I know.


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