Letting Go – a part of my art journey


I got a phone call from my sister a couple days ago. She had recently had to close out the apartment she and my mom had shared for a while, a place where we’d just had to put down Miko, the second of two, fluffy childhood friends who have passed this year.  My mom just moved to the east coast and my sister had wanted to catch up with her for lunch that day, and remembered  that she wasn’t there anymore.

I didn’t plan to draw this but I was thinking of her as I started and a vision developed of a young woman in sadness and loneliness but with an obvious movement of life around her. The light is in front of her, the darkness is behind her moving away, and she’s sitting on memories, streams of all she is letting go of and they go as it is in their nature to go. The woman is passive, but all around her things continue on as they were made to. When she’s ready, she’ll get up and move on as well.


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