A Sunday Home

Combined forces of the physical and the divine intervened today and kept us home for church this Sunday.  God has truly been challenging our perceptions and expectations of fellowship since our move to the East Coast and it is both rejuvenating and exciting. But theology aside, we succeeded in Church. In BEing together the kingdom of God.  We worshiped with some dance and some reading, Nathanael and I both taking turns in helping the children to learn and focus on WHAT we were doing so we could later teach them the WHY. 🙂  Samuel decided he wanted to read his Bible for most of the worship time and Gloria followed suit for a few minutes before going back to the rotation between guitar, scarf and piano.

2015-08-30 11.41.55 2015-08-30 11.38.34Isn’t that the face of pure joy and delight?

Inspired by my study and writing from the Word this morning we taught Samuel about the Kingdom of God.  The kingdom is in our midst and is in us (Luke 17:20-21) and therefore we should seek to listen to God and to obey him.  With Samuel, trains and train metaphors make their way into just about everything, and specifically the Polar Express. So in true Samuel fashion we explained the idea of following the Way of God with a train!  God is the conductor and he is the one who asks for our tickets and tells us which way to go. When the train gets off the tracks he tells us how to get back on (see The Polar Express) and we should listen to him. Listening includes obedience. That is the Way.

Prayer. Prayer interrupted by crying baby girl.  Back to prayer and our scripture verse “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.”


Then it was time for lunch and naps. Nap time is when Nathan and I then pick up worship again for the two of us.  It was my turn to lead the worship this morning which took the form of a sermon based upon that bible verse, “I am the WAY” (see previous blog post).  We rejoiced in God through the truth of his Word and then praised him more from the psalms, specifically 33 and the first part of 34!  Please go read them, they are wonderful songs.  A verse in Psalm 34 sparked a discussion on worship and adoration that has continued for most of the afternoon and will most definitely continue in my heart for several days.  I’m sure I will write more about it.

“Where two or more are gathered I am there in their midst.”  We did not have hundreds today or even dozens, but we had the four of us and a true time of adoration of God together.  I would leave with a few questions which God has raised in us this week. What is adoration? What IS worship? Is it conscious? Is it just a thought process or is it something more?

I’m off to worship God with a little creation 😀 Shalom!


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