A Saturday to Rest

Cozy chair, piles of God books (I meant to write good books but those two overlap nicely in this scenario), and coffee. Worship music, which in our home can mean a variety of things. Right now my three year old is in love with the works of Franz Schubert, and if not that he likes contemporary rock for which we’ll play instrumentals or artists whose lyrics we are ok with him singing. Lets see, there is sunlight, laughter, and most of all a strong desire to just completely surrender the thoughts and stresses of the week, which all of a sudden becomes a very easy thing to do on a Saturday morning.

When Samuel goes down for his quiet time I plan to pray and read for a while. I’ve been interceeding for a new ministry here in Charlotte, a ministry of the arts that I truly hope will plant amazing seeds for revival.  Check out the work of one of the artists I’m working with! The Craftsmans Daughter.  We’ll be gathering soon to present some of our work to each other. The mission is to encourage, educate and engage the community through the arts. I’m in the beginning stages of forming my own art to present; a combination of words, graphics and dance designed to communicate with an audience. To capture their attention and express truth beautifully.

The Sabbath is all about remembering, and I have spent a few years of my short life exploring, studying and trying out new things, seeking to understand Shalom. Finding shalom is a journey, and one that begins all over again when you add children to the mix :-). Our rest today will include scripture reading, a lesson on the fruit of the Spirit. And with the children both getting better (we’ve all been sick since we moved to North Carolina three weeks ago), I’m sure we’ll end up outside quite a bit, out in the Temple of Creation made for our pleasure and worship of the Creator.

Shalom shabbat!



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