Inspiration – what feeds the soul

Well, my computer crashed AGAIN a few days ago. Second time in a week. And it’s tricky to do a meaningful blog post entirely from your phone but NOT impossible. I’ll just copy 🙂

WHAT?!!! That’s sacrilegious isn’t it? To copy someone else. To not be different?  Well, I’ve heard it said that a good artist imitates, a great artist copies. I’ll let you think on that while you’re watching this amazing collaboration on one of my favorite sites for inspiration TED.

Bill T. Jones and Improvisational Beauty

This video has inspired me so much in fact it has gathered the wandering points of my aesthetic journey and pulled their dissonant waves into a single, coherent idea. An idea for creation (as a process) that seems to resonate my soul whispers alongside the divine.  You see each of us is made by God, the Creator in whom we have our purpose. Being in his image we are driven to create just add He does, a fact which children express freely but which culture and yes, even the church, teach us to suppress or contain as we get older.  I was taught to contain it, PUSHED to hide the creativity which tended to be squished out of me anyway there was so much of it. And in that sense, for many years, I have not felt that my creations truly came alongside the fantastic creativity and beauty of my precious Savior. But no more.

My work, the results of my minds imaginative adventures which will become observable again in the movements I create with this body God has given me, is coming out of a place so truly transformed by His grace.  I found the wellspring of my artistic life in Him and what I make will show His truth somehow, for it can’t do anything less. But how? Well, that’s where Bill T. Jones came in in this incredible video. He takes words and music and becomes animated by their character, but then he ADDS to it and returns a new personality to the musicians as if it is a gift. The result is beautiful originality.

To create one must find inspiration and surround yourself with it, like a warm blanket. Fill yourself with it like a cup of tea in the autumn breeze. It penetrates you. And…out comes ART.  An artists journey, I am learning, enters a season where it is not as much about ones ability as it is about ones perspective and ones own sense of self worth. I still struggle with insecurity, but I pray that as I pursue the worship of my God with God given abilities, my perceptions of life, truth and beauty will grow with me.

Go. Be inspired. It feeds the soul.



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