There is no gender in martyrdom

I’m reading the account of the Martyrs of Lyons, almost in tears, and this is what strikes me. The world does not truly see a difference between men and women when it is bent on destruction, nor do the powers behind such acts. The women of this persecution were given no less torture and no less cruelty because of their gender, neither were their husbands tortured on their behalf.  Even those with unborn children were beaten and tortured. Galatians becomes truly visible in these accounts, for those who confess Christ there is no Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free.

Women will face no less persecution, criticism or contempt for their faith than a man. They will even have to face death while still carrying their children inside them. What greater torture can there be? Why then don’t we consider the spiritual training of all genders as equal value and equal responsibility before God. Why do we not raise up a woman’s spirit with the same expectation of strength, endurance and authority of God within them than we do a mans? Why are a women’s natural virtues still archaicly placed beneath those of men in our churches. We are belittled for them in humor, as though they are an inescapable sin we must just accept.  Why does the calling to take up the cross of Christ suddenly become inappropriate and criticized by the church when a woman takes it up?

It must be a powerful church in which both men and women lead, teach and pray, for when two with the holy spirit become one, either in the Spirit or in the flesh, the power of the Spirit of God in that Body must be mighty. If I were Satan I would place my utmost efforts into rendering the church ineffective from within by introducing such thoughts and interpretations so as to cause it to tie down it’s own right hand, the Helper.



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