Information highway and new drivers


Bad things have always been going on in the world for a LONG time. Children have been hurting, people are hungry, thousands die from war or disease. But we didn’t know about it in such detail. We couldn’t know about it for days or months either.

What I see is a world accustomed to immediacy trying to handle what it means to really know about other people and other ways of life with the click of a button. It used to take time to learn these things and many people chose not to give their time. 

Now there exists an illusion that because information is available and quick that learning is the same. It’s not. It still takes years to really know and understand another culture. You still have to travel to truly experience the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower. You still have to listen for hours to know the man inside the drunk at the bar.  Let’s face it, no one is an expert at information in this information age because no one has more than a few years really using it!

All these new funds and endeavours, Facebook groups, advocacy websites, etc. They are all experiments run by excited people who have no more real idea of the consequences than the next group. You’re not an expert. I’m not an expert. We’re just learning something new together along with more of the world than we’ve ever seen before.

Let’s our best to learn and experiment with as little damage as possible. Our children will be the amateurs, their children will be the experts. Let’s build them a legacy, not just pass on chaos and strings of broken relationships and prejudice.


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