Feed my Sheep

In an effort to get back into writing again, something which feeds me, I’ve decided to post snippets and thoughts from Dr. Tim Laniak’s devotional on Biblical shepherding.  My husband and I are reading through it day by day and being immensely encouraged, as well as strongly challenged. Here’s a bit on day 8

Today’s devotion was on Feed my Sheep. Did you know that Bedouin shepherds know over 100 types of vegetation, their uses, nutritional value and where they grow? And I was overwhelmed reading about how much effort goes in to grazing the sheep every day. Dr. Laniak says that in Jesus’ rebuke of Peter in John 21 emphasizes that “leading means feeding.” WOW. that is far more intentional than just a command to serve. It’s service BY feeding. Like a mother or father feeds their newborn.

The challenge is this, what are we feeding our flocks? Do we spend time searching and studying the sources of spiritual vegetation in their lives, and ours, so that they can be healthy, vibrant and give birth to strong healthy lambs. Or have we become convinced that a simple rugged diet of entertainment and thin grass is enough to keep them from being poisoned? Do we give our infants water with a little sugar, or we provide them with rich, nutrient filled milk?  This challenged me today because so much of my time is meant to be exactly that kind of thoughtful and intentional learning so that I can feed others. But I easily forget the long term needs of the “bread” I’m being given in favour of just getting through an assignment.

“As a teacher, my favorite compliment is ‘thank you for feeding my soul'” Laniak, pg 63. Mine too 🙂

And finally, “Do we feed our people well but do not teach them to feed themselves?” There comes a point where a child is helpless if she cannot decide for herself what to eat. The milk has always been good but her body needs more now. What should she give it? Dr. Laniak points out the diet of TV right away as the most common supplement. It keeps us from eating well physically or spiritually.

“Feed my Sheep”




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