Daily Devotion – Wait like an Eagle

Nathan, my husband, shared a devotional thought with me about this passage that I found so comforting. We tend to think of waiting as solely a posture of peace, that somehow waiting is restful and rejuvenating. We combine scriptures about waiting with scriptures about being still as though they are the same thing, while such parallels are purely cultural rather than a matter of biblical principle.  I certainly have thought this way for years, and always struggle to communicate that if we’re waiting we’re still at rest and have no worries.  I’ve come to discover that this is simply not possible in most circumstances we’ve faced in the ministry, and this is what Nathan made me think about. Waiting is hard!!

Waiting is exhausting. It takes a huge amount of effort, and waiting in a manner that honors God is even harder since rather than cope and distract yourself you learn to channel the anxiety of waiting into prayer. But oh the freedom that comes when he finally says “Ok, Go!” THAT feels like the eagle. Suddenly I feel strong and ready, mounting up to the skyline before fearlessly plunging down into the way God has laid out before me. Like holding my baby after hours of labor and months of waiting, the strength and life needed to run the race and not grow weary did not come in the waiting but AFTER it.

We’re in yet another time of waiting, struggling with anxiety, fasting, praying and continuing, in the waiting, to do what what we are able. The community of faith waits with us and prays with us. We all hope for peace in this time, but whether it comes or not, waiting IN the Lord will eventually be met with the full energy, endurance and vivacity of the eagle, the power of the Holy Spirit who also waits until the appointed time.



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