Choreography Challenge

Oh what a beautiful morning! 

Except on the internet where there are dozens of writing challenges and photography challenges and fine art challenges for 30 days of inspiration and, SO FAR, the only dance and choreography challenges are simply to do it every day. AHHH!! 

I’m a busy mom and student. Coming up with my own inspirations on the fly for an entire month is daunting. Especially since I may never foot off our property in a given day  don’t money to visit expensive museums and galleries for inspiration.  
So while I’m at it I’m going to make a list of prompts, for dancers, choreographers and teachers, to get moving and creating in the daily spaces we have already.  These will be inspired by themes in The Intimate Act of Choreography (by Bloom and Chaplin), and I may use a few of their own projects as well because they are wonderful.  

I’m off to continue our homeschool day of chores and to start my creative scratching (See Twyla Tharp’s Creative Habit) on this challenge! 


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