Bio: I am a Priscilla, a woman of God married to a wonderful partner in ministry with whom I travel, speak, work and raise our beautiful children. I love the Old Testament and it's message, I love dancing and music, and watching things grow. Our children are 2 1/2 and 12 months. The oldest is a beloved and rambunctious boy through and through, with the most tender heart you'll find, and the youngest our miracle angel, who born last year a week before Christmas and is coming into her own rapidly. We homeschool our children together in addition to working our humble farm, going to school and serving actively at our church. I sell homemade jams and biscotti, teach voice lessons and go to school and my husband serves on our church board, teaches Sunday school with me, and is pursuing a business degree before applying for a graduate program (he's still undecided). In educational background I hold two four year certificates from Aletheia Christian College, located in Southern Idaho, one in Elementary Education and another in Biblical Studies and Ministry. I have recently been accepted to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for their 2 year Master of Arts program in Old Testament Studies and begin classes this spring! I'm hoping to develop a thesis about education in the Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures that specifically delves into the roles of fathers, mothers and other biblical teachers and makes them into tangible models for 21st century Christian Education. I've been serving the Lord for 20 years, converting from Christian Science as a young child and pursing missions and evangelism as a lifestyle ever since. As an active Christian artist and teacher I've led worship services and Sunday schools off and on for more than 7 years, written a bit of my own music, ran a successful ballet school for four years and still volunteer regularly for community music and arts events with youth and children. I've spent the last 10 years in active youth ministry, the last five with my husband, been a guest speaker at the Foundation for American Christian Education annual conference on the Principle Approach to Music and the Arts, volunteered for a year as the Administrative Director for my Alma mater, and currently serve with my husband as board members and staff for the same (www.aletheiachristian.org). This blog is the evidence of divine compulsion to finally put some of my thoughts on paper, as much for myself as for others. I believe that God is preparing our nation for another great revival and that we are tools, prepared and waiting for His hand to guide us. I pray that I can be faithful to His desire for me to write and think in the midst of our otherwise very busy lives. Here's to trusting the Lord and grabbing a hold of His Shalom!

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