Choreography Challenge – the next submission! Days 3-4

Wow, life is really getting ahead of me these days! BUT I did have a chance to go down to the park and try out some new improvs for my 30 day challenge.  See my blog Choreography Challenge – First Days for days 1-2.

Day 3 is simple.  Get outside, warm up, and then find things that make SOUND.  You can use sticks in your hands, throw leaves, crunch them under your feet, or maybe find a great echo!  I found a bridge with nice vibrating thump that I could manipulate with my feet. And the railings made it even better!  As you warm up, play with what KINDS of different sounds you can get from your chosen objects/surroundings. Then improv 2-3 short phrases before moving on to another spot. DON’T overdo one area! The goal isn’t to create a masterpiece or have perfect technique, it’s to PLAY and walk away feeling more in tune with your world as a mover.

Here’s a couple videos I managed. One on the bridge, the other on a raised cement pad that was uneven.  The bugs out here are REALLY noisey so you may have to IMAGINE the kinds of sounds I’m making, haha! Oh well 😀  It’s all about surround sound right?!

In this improv I was inspired by the pad but also by the passers by and the possibility of shyly experimenting with the concrete where I’m not quite sure if IT, or others, would approve.

Day 4:  Yup, you guessed it.  Follow the same pattern but only use YOUR OWN body to make the sounds.  Shoes, clothes, skin, mouth? Why not! Hair? toes, bum, etc. etc. etc.