If You Were Mine





“From the moment we knew you were on the way,
Our thoughts of you brought light to the day.
I longed to see your precious smile,
But my dear little one, we must wait a while.

We dream of who you will grow to be,
We dream of dreams all yet to be.
We longed to share your lovely smile,
But my dear little one, we must wait a while.

Do you know that we’ve danced many a time?
That the voices you’ve heard singing were your daddy’s and mine?
We’ve hoped for the day when we could meet your smile,
But my dear little one we must wait a while.

Our tears fall upon your tiny bed,
The place we were to lay your head.
I long to kiss you and show you my smile,
But, my dear little one, we must wait a while.

We miss you my love and will meet you someday,
We will watch you sing and dance and play,
There may not be many smiles now, but oh my dear…just wait a while.”

This morning we had a memorial service for our twins, James and Agape, who were miscarried in January two years ago.  Yes, it’s been two years, but sometimes the events of life put a hold on our grief and it needs room to resurface, and be made complete.

While there is no full sense this side of heaven of true completeness, there is a shadow of it that comes from the fellowship of the body of Christ. Our little church gathered together with us. Many couples in the congregation had also experienced miscarriage and perhaps even abortion, and our purpose was to honor ALL of those little ones for the lives they had, and continue to live though it is far from us.

It was beautiful, freeing, and immensely comforting.

Below is a recording I made of the song we chose to share, done several days before today. I was desperately trying not to cry too hard today, a recording would have been impossible :-).

If You Were Mine by Fernando Ortega for every mother and father who is waiting a while to meet their children again.


Comments on current issues


It’s easy. Fundamentally they believe the world is overpopulated, and just like any other animal of which there are so obviously too many, it’s perfectly reasonable and moral to support methods that benefit the population.

We can’t make an impact without demonstrating why human beings are more than mere animals and, sadly, Christianity lost ground on that eons ago when we failed to maintain a strong presence in the field of science. Now that we’re being forced to return to it we find, general, that our grounding in our own faith isn’t solid enough to deal with the sheer propensity of god-less worldviews. The solution is we must face our weaknesses and begin to learn again. People’s lives depend on it.