Art and Car Trouble

Wouldn’t you know that the day I get to go SOAK in a free art gallery and relish the delight of resting in the presence of inspiration, would also be the day I don’t get home till 1am and have my car towed?  Yes it was.  Fortunately I overheated near the heart of traffic for the Friday Panthers game, so it was safe to walk the 20 minutes to the gas station and back.  Two friendly cops directing traffic also proved excellent guardian angels and made sure my little VW Golf didn’t get towed to an impound.  Not so fortunate was the car itself. She has a blown head gasket and possibly more internal damage since the cops gave me a limited choice on parking places that were a few hundred feet from where I first stopped.

I maintain the grace and provision of God, however, since we’ve been offered the loan of TWO cars in the interim weeks, and friends from out of town were able to rescue me :D.

Enough about the car, let me tell you about the ART!!

I drove into Uptown Charlotte for the Goodyear Arts  July/August exhibition on Friday evening.  This arts center thrives on the truth that artists need “Space, Time, Money and Community” in order to do what they do.  Artists can reserve free studio space and enjoy the fellowship and critiques of fellow artists of all kinds!  There were no dancers or other performers at this month’s exhibition but I did find this ad 😉

I’m hoping to start something similar with the ArtsCharlotte Performing Arts group this coming year.  Since our group is a mix of dancers, actors and musicians our gatherings will be open places for people to move, improvise and create collaboratively.  Sound Fun? Sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for updates!

The exhibition itself was very eclectic. You could easily tell that some of the painters and photographers were very new to their work, while others had a more defined aesthetic and talent in communicating it. For example, one artist had about 50 photographs on display of city bus stops.  I love the concept and instantly thought of a dirge of creative ways to tell that story! But the photographs were so identical in content and aspect that I felt bored, and didn’t return to the exhibit. Less wou
ld have been MORE in this scenario. By contrast, another artist used multiple spaces throughout the event center to treat her viewers to a multi-sensory experience of her art as you went from one to the next.  She used art, sculpture, enclosures, the written word, spoken word and sound to communicate her exploration of art and language.  It sensed a real flow from one portion of it to the next and walked through several times.

Could both have been better?  Yes. But isn’t that what we ALWAYS think about ourselves and our work?  The question is, did you take a risk?  Were you willing to let your self be seen through your art?  My constant effort in creativity, whether I’m writing a poem, setting a piece or writing school curriculum, is be excellent in my work and to LEARN something new.  It’s in communities like Goodyear Arts where the experienced and inexperienced can mix without fear, and we all help each other in the learning part of the process.  Overall, I enjoyed the whole adventure!

 During a video presentation I found a lit seat near the door to journal a few ideas about  art appreciation and interpretation, which I’ll go into more detail  on in my NEXT blog!