Quirky Teachers and Underwear

After all our car troubles I have gotten WAY behind on writing my curriculum for the year!! So what am I doing for Labor Day?   I’m being a quirky teacher and exulting over coloring page websites and science projects 😀

Here’s our fantastic science curriculum resource for this year Blue World TV with Jonathan Bird who makes these fantastic videos:

Every webisode has lessons plans under the For Educators Tab, and many have full curriculum for older ages!  On OUR science day, we’ll watch a video and color sharks and whales from this great site:
Here’s how my schedule is working out –
  • Monday is MOVE day with piano, scarves and lots of giggles in our dance space,
  • Tuesday is NERD day where we’ll bathe in exciting science explorations,
  • Wednesday is ART day and we’ll get really messy!
  • Thursday is DO day where we get out the door and have an adventure! working in the garden, visiting the aquarium aquarium or learning about dirt in the park :D.
  • Friday will be FUN day, we’ll play games to review all our reading and writing lessons, we’ll whistle while we work cleaning up the house (so we can have some fresh underwear!!) and the yard, color more pictures, visit the library, the list goes on. 
Saturday is REST day, Resolved to Evade Sticky Tribulations day (or something like that 😉
Sunday is the BEST Day where we get to worship together and eat with our family.
Homeschool here we come!

Color in Motion – painting with my son

It was an art day in our house yesterday! And after painting one of his usual, colored spots on brown paper, we tried something new. I was so glad that my THREE YEAR OLD actually tried some of these things

This is a flower and surrounding decoration- he had limited colors to work with and no direction. acrylic on printer paper.

This was…I’m not sure what it WAS but when I asked him what it was called.he said “Emergency” haha.
Don’t read too much into that, it’s also tunnels for trains but the irony is hilarious. My husband laughed well.

And THIS, this is mine. I was demonstrating how painting can be an act of movement and interpretation as well as blotting paper with brushes, so during the lively finale of Vivaldi Spring my masterpiece took shape. In about a minute. This is, Vivaldi Spring!

imageGo do something fun and crazy with your kids today!