Daily Devotion – Listening

A view of our lake on the JAARS campus in NC.

A view of our lake on the JAARS campus in NC.

“Spiritual listening is a contemplative undertaking and not a problem solving task.  It is essentially prayer…

“Spiritual listening as a contemplative discipline pushes us…to a level of listening beyond our own powers of analysis to the grace and the gift of divine life itself.

“To listen this way is to listen with heart and mind opened wide.  It invites us to be changed along with those to whom we listen.”

-Wendy Wright, Desert Listening

I’ve been meditating on this a lot this week. Motherhood is busy to say the least, not to mention family, work, etc. It is easy to feel that prayer is more of a hurried conversation than a refreshing experience of deep intimacy with our Creator.  But when we go out with friends or have a romantic evening with our spouse the last think we want be thinking about is time, and that is an essential part of true listening and prayer with God as well.  Let go of time, make time to leave the phone and the clocks and the schedules and find a place to listen to God.  There is a reason many people chose the desert, there is beauty but there is also emptiness.  No distractions, no time, just God.