My Garden Cup


This is my new mug, which I bought for coffee during Hebrew lectures.  It’s part of a set that I absolutely loved, with many great little sayings, but this one truly represents my journey at this time of life. Enjoy, do not take for granted, appreciate, value each moment; there are dozens of adjectives that could be used to convey the idea in English. But “love” implies that there is more to be valued than an emotion of pleasure.

To love is as much of a choice as it is a reality. Love itself becomes the greatest reality for us who believe that the Trinity is Love, and by considering Christ, LOVE becomes a living, breathing entity with whom we interact. Therefore to love each moment is, or could be, an acknowledgment of the reality of love in every moment of time.  So you can see that the implication is far more than fuzzy wuzzy feelings every minute of the day.


Look at the moment around you and in you.

Acknowledge it, for it is; joyful, confusing, painful or pleasant.

Then, with purpose, place Christ into the context of your moment.  Don’t interpret his presence by changing the moment itself to what you think it should be. Just let Christ be who he is in the same place, mentally, physically and emotionally, with you.

That is the words on my cup. But I also love the flowers and the bright orange boundary around the garden setting. This reminds me that once I’ve moved over and made room for Love, for me this is Christ, and let him BE with you, look around you to the greater context of your garden.

You may find that you are now seeing things differently. And as the Hebrew word for seeing implies, ra’ah, you may also begin to understand a different way of living the moments that are to follow.

BE still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10



Advent, a week on Love


Blanket statements such as “you’re all terrorists!” Or “you’re all homophobic!” show more fear and ignorance than they do wisdom or reason. 

But my question is to those who hear those statements being directed at them. Have you stopped short in your reaction and taken time to consider what is in the heart of the Person who makes those claims? Perhaps they have been abused and treated unjustly. Perhaps the injustice of their past is the truer cause and it’s not about you at all…would you maybe take time to respond differently, or perhaps just give yourself to listening?

-Advent, a week on Love

(Photo of my beautiful daughter at the docks).

Homeschooling at three

This has got to be one of the funniest and most fun parts of my day. My son is only three but gosh what a perfect time to fill his little world. It’s slow and gradual, he has a schedule but HE doesn’t know it. To him it’s just a bit of work that’s sometimes frustrating but most of the time GREAT! Here’s what we do for writing every other day which are reading/writing/art/music days!

First, I turned art into writing practice. We started with circles, lots of circles 🙂


A few days of circles and he started noticing other things which are made of circles! He let me guide his hand while drawing a toy train, starting with the wheels of course.


The scribble is his little sister’s addition. She sits and reads her books or draws her own scribbles next to us, and when it’s Sammy’s turn to do it all by himself she let’s me teach her to draw.

While we drew the train I told him about lines and squares and other shapes he knows, combining auditory with visual and physical learning. The plan is to lead him to straight and angled lines next. The circles are just becoming second nature. But, to keep it interesting, I added numbers and control. Sounds complicated but take a look!


I did the first circles in pen (mine need work too haha) he had to draw IN the first circle, ON the second circle, and outside the third circle. This kind of came to me as we worked but it turned out great. He had to led me guide his hand to help the muscle memory but can then go to town with just verbal help! I feel like I’m getting all academic on ya but this was a lot of fun for both of us. You don’t freak out if he does it wrong, he’s three!


Here’s a veggie tales character he wanted me to draw and then he added the embellishment. See the circles?

The trick is taking advantage of when he is really wanting to learn and have help and then knowing when to back off and let him try. I don’t get it right all the time and we both have our moments. But, this is our second week and he is learning so much.  The alphabet is just circles and lines, so is art! 

The last thing we do, that I don’t have pictures of, is actual letters.  They are big, messy and we do them together and separately. Eventually he’ll have enough interest that I can take him up to the volleyball sand pit to draw and write. Now it’s time to turn on some Beethoven for listening time. Even an hour a day of classical music in the background helps all those little brain juices 🙂


Schubert is Samuels favorite. (Schubert is technically Romantic for all you music buffs).