In the Rain

It’s late. But I’m sitting up and listening to the rain because it’s beautiful and because God is here.

The movies of old always made rain the sign of sadness and sorrow. The storm in Its a Wonderful Life, the drama of Casablanca, it rains when hope is gone.  But for those of us who have lived on farms or been to countries where everyone goes out to dance when it rains because it’s the only time it rained that year, we see rain as life giving.  When it rains there is hope for renewal and a glimpse of the passing things of the world.

I don’t know what God has for our family in the next years, or for me. But I sense his awe and joy in us, and his excitement for the revealing that is to come. In the last few weeks I’ve seen and experienced the movement of God’s Spirit in my heart and Nathan’s heart that I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

Lord may you reign.


A rainy day Prague with my good South African friend Janine

(I can’t wait to take my family to Prague for some goulash! Someday)